Treatment & Recovery

Create a custom treatment plan that caters to your recovery goals!

Recovery is unique for every person seeking to recover from a substance use disorder. However, there are several steps that anyone can take to get your recovery off to a good start.

By first evaluating your needs, we can sketch out a plan that includes developing a support structure to help you manage problems and triggers.

Setting quantifiable goals will allow you to appreciate your progress and accomplishments along the way.

30 - 90 Day Treatment Program

We offer the 90-day rehabilitation programs in a serene environment, facilitated by a qualified and licensed team of mental health professionals.


The decision about which program best suits a particular client/patient is made during the intake/admission multi-disciplinary assessment of the patient and takes into account the patient’s preference viz-a-viz the bio-physical, psycho-social and spiritual assessment findings for the patient.

In the (accelerated) 30-day program Naltrexone implantation is mandatory. Naltrexone is a very effective prescription medicine that is designed to inhibit cravings associated with drug and alcohol abuse. The Naltrexone implant slowly releases the medication into the body for 3 months and can be re-implanted as often as is required

Based on the severity of addiction and the client’s response to treatment , most individuals require a rehabilitation period of 90 days (3 months).

12-steps of the AA/NA program of recovery

Beta Care Rehabilitation Center offers the 12-steps of the AA/NA program of recovery, which incorporates spiritual, clinical, and medical residential services. The program includes a variety of evidence-based treatment modality that are customized for each client depending on their unique needs and the results of the toxicological exam that we take within our hospital.

The 12 steps of the AA/NA programme of recovery is divided into two segments with the first segment focusing on learning more about chemical dependency and an individual’s acceptance of it. The second deals with the program of recovery and establishing a sober lifestyle. Presentations and group exercises are directed at the theme of each segment. The cycle for each allows for individuals to “plug into” the segment at any point.

This evidence-based spiritual approach is concerned with ability through attitude and actions, to relate with self, others and God as we may understand. Our residents go through a daily morning meditation that focuses on the benefits of a positive attitude; uplifting readings from recovery texts are read to encourage each individual to work on changing his or her attitude towards themselves, others and life as a whole.

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