about us

Our residential treatment programme provides 24/7 care in a Christian-based therapeutic community setup.

Our Mission

To provide sobriety and a healthy lifestyle to those addicted to alcohol and drugs; and interventions to those with mental illness.

Our Vision

A leading institution in provision of professional rehabilitative services in the region and beyond.

Our History

Beta Care Hospital Rehabilitation Unit (BCHRU) was launched in 2018 in celebration of the 10-year anniversary of Beta Care Hospital, the mother organization, and to cater for the emerging health needs of the community. Since BCHRU is situated within an in-patient hospital setup, our clients are assured of holistic therapy, round-the-clock security, and 24/7 medical emergency support. We also provide nutritious meals, 3-times a day, in adequate portions to promote the overall well being of all our residents.

We believe there is always a way out of addiction/dependence on any substance, by providing a conducive environment and proper spiritual nourishment, guidance, and counseling. Our treatment approach comprises psychiatric/clinical treatment and assessment, medical intervention, and psychotherapy from a team of highly qualified health professionals.

Our Clients

Beta Care Hospital Rehabilitation Unit is an unparalleled rehabilitation unit within Beta Care Hospital in Githunguri, Kiambu County, for people of all ages and gender affected by alcohol, drugs, and substance abuse, as well as related mental disorders.

Our Facility

Our Rehabilitation unit has a capacity of 40 beds, including private units for voluntary and non-psychiatric clients. We provide 24-hour services on psychiatric care, counseling, and nursing for people of different behaviours, physical and emotional challenges, and mood disorders that make it difficult for them to realize self and have the required dignity and self-esteem.

Residents also have access to the hospital facilities if they need to manage other health problems. We provide accommodation, food, recreation and entertainment, and group discussions to cater for the entire well-being of the clients – mental, physical, social, spiritual, and emotional.

We Provide Safe abstinence!

Research shows that treatment for alcoholism and addiction doesn’t have to be voluntary for it to be successful. In fact, many residents are brought in against their wish, perhaps because they believe that they can quit on their own, only to later realize that they needed the sobriety programme, assisted by medication, to instill the discipline, attitude, and fortitude needed to overcome addiction.


We are optimists who love to work together